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Breaking Breakfast – Fluffy French Toast

Fluffy French Toast

So even I have to admit that sometimes it’s a struggle to keep the little ones fed and happy (with what they’re being fed!). The breakfast entries on my refrigerator whiteboard read like sad re-runs with bacon and hard boiled eggs, cereal and milk, toast and anything, muffins… Week after week it’s the same rotation with the odd sausage rolls and croissants tossed in. A few months ago I decided to change all that and tapped into the power of Pinterest in an attempt to Break Breakfast.  Continue reading

Muffin Pan Magic – Mac n Cheese Muffins

Rule #1 – Nothing is Just…

The first thing you’ve got to acknowledge as a mom is that nothing is ‘just’ what it seems. Those quiet moments when you can hear yourself breathing and you let your guard down for a millisecond but just as your lips curl upward in a peaceful smile, your mummy-spidey sense kicks in and you realise it’s just too quiet for comfort. Continue reading